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History says that one day a poor Christian widow of Somanur was selling thread to some pagan merchants who, by means of spells, tried to cheat in the weight of her goods. She invoked the holy names of Jesus and Mary and the scale or balance, which, containing the precious thread, came down immediately and justice was done. (From the book of Fr. Bechu)

According to the oral tradition, at the time of the persecution of Tipu Sultan, the King of Mysore, the Catholics of that shrine realized that King Tipu would destroy the church. They wanted to save the statue of our Blessed Virgin Mary. Hence they took the statue and hid it under the earth. As they expected the church was destroyed. When the king left the place the priest and the people wanted to rebuild the church. After the construction was over they wanted to bring the statue of Blessed Virgin Mary back to the church. When they unearthed, they found the statue intact. They happily brought the statue back to the church and started venerating it. It is still preserved and carried in procession every year on the occasion of the feast of the Holy Rosary. (From the book of Fr. Bechu)

Our Diocesan magazine "Sarprasadathoothan,, in the issues October 3, 1993 & October 10 1993, quoted the following incident of Pullupalayam. The Maniakaran (head of the clan) and peasants planned to rob the doors of Karumathampatti church and place them in their Muniswaran Temple because they were special doors made of fish bones. So the carpenters and building contractors met secretly and found a way to detach the door from the church. One night, nearly 60 people went to the church and broke the wall in which the door stood and removed the doors. Since the doors were heavy, each door was carried by 20 people. They placed them in 2 bullock carts and took them to their temple and fitted them there that very night and went back to their homes. On the following day when the 'pusari'(Hindu Priest) tried to open the door he was not able to do so.. The key rotated in the key hole but did not open. The news was sent to Maniakaran (Head of the clan). He came and ordered the people to break the lock. Even after breaking the lock they could not open the door. The people tried to open the door with huge stones but failed. The people got frightened and many left the village. Those who remained in the village died of diseases. The door remained closed. Since the people left the village and abandoned the temple the doors were stolen by some thieves and sold. The temple remains abandoned till today and this story is very prevalent in the village even today

A boy of 12 years of age fell seriously sick. His parents took him to many doctors and gave various treatments in Erode town. ( 80 K.M. from karumathampatti ) Finally they took him to a famous hospital in Coimbatore. After checking the boy the doctor said the boy was attacked by a serious sickness and it has reached the final stage and he would not be able to save his life. He added that he might die at anytime and asked the parents to take him back home. When the parents were taking the boy back home to their city Erode, on the way they visited the shrine of Our Lady of Rosary since they knew that lots of miracles took place in that shrine. They placed the boy in front of the statue of Our Lady of Rosary and said "Either save the boy or you take him yourself. We will not take the boy home". As they were praying, the limbs of the boy moved and after sometime he got up and asked for food. When food was given he became alright and started walking. They thanked Our Lady of Rosary and took the boy home. This same boy, after 45 years, came to the shrine and bore witness to the public. He is a living witness today

A staunch woman devotee of Our Lady of Rosary was admitted in the hospital for child birth. The time came for delivery but had no pain came. The doctor waited for sometime and finally said that caesarian surgery should be done immediately, without delay. Otherwise both the mother and the child would die. The girl said that Our Lady of Rosary would give her a safe and normal delivery. The time went on but there was no sign of labor pain. Doctor advised that if they waited for some more time there would be danger for the life of mother and child. So the doctor and the parents persuaded the girl to accept for the surgery. Half heartedly she accepted. As she was taken to the operation theater, she asked her mother for a rosary and kept it on her stomach and prayed to Our Lady of Rosary and immediately she got the labor pain and had a safe and normal delivery. She also bore witness to the public very recently

A woman, who did not have a child for 12 years, came to the shrine and prayed fervently to Our Lady of Rosary that she should have a male child on the following year just as Blessed Mother has one in her arms,. As she prayed she got a baby boy on the following year and brought the child to the shrine and bore witness. Thus on first Saturday of every month people come and bear witness to the favors they receive.

Holy Rosary Shrine
The Holy Sanctuary

பசிலிக்காவின் வழிபாட்டு நிகழ்வுகள்

திங்கள் முதல் சனி வரை காலை 6.15, மாலை 6.15 மணிக்கு திருப்பலி
வியாழன் முதல் வியாழன் மாலை திருப்பலிக்குப் பின் நற்கருணை ஆராதனை
வெள்ளி மாலை திருப்பலிக்குப் பின் இறை இறக்க நவநாள்
சனி காலை 6.15, 11.00, மாலை 6.15 மணிக்கு
நவநாள், திருப்பலி மற்றும் வேண்டுதல் தேர்
முதல் சனி காலை 8.00 மணிக்கு திருப்பலி,
காலை 9.30 மணிமுதல் மதியம் 1.00 மணி வரை
உபவாச செபவழிபாடு மற்றும் திருப்பலி
ஞாயிறு காலை 6.30 மணி, 8.00 மணி, 11.00 மணி, மாலை 5.30 மணி திருப்பலி