Basilica Of Our Lady Of Holy Rosary

Karumathampatti, Coimbatore


His Holinees FRANCIS

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Dr. L. Thomas Aquinas M.A., Ph.D.,

Bishop's Message

Devotion to Rosary was started in the year 1208 in the Church of Prouille. The claim of place and time are most strongly supported by the tradition of the Dominican order.

V. Rev. Fr. R. D. E. Jerome


The Shrine of Our Lady of Holy Rosary is situated 27 Kilometers from the town of Coimbatore in a quasi village called Karumathampatti, in the Diocese of Coimbatore.

History of the Church of Our Lady of Rosary

History says that as early as 1640, the church of Karumathampatti, dedicated to Our Lady of Holy Rosary, became a place of pilgrimage. There were people of different communities residing in the area of Karumathampatti. Chettiars, also known as Shedders, were weavers and cloth merchants by profession. Many worked on hand looms at home. They formed an important part of the Catholic Community of the Diocese. Many Shedders embraced Christianity as early as 1662 in the Karumathampatti mission. French missionaries Fr. Noguera and Fr. Pereira were in charge of the Karumathampatti district in 1684.

Future Plans

  • Plans are drawn to extend the area of the shrine and it will be done soon

  • More rooms and basic amenities will be provided for the pilgrims.

  • Suggestions are given for closed retreats and counseling centers for the pilgrims.

  • Soon a Center for Evangelization will be opened for
    the faith formation for the devotees and people of other religions.

  • A shrine exhibition will be available for the devotees very soon.

  • Steps are taken to propagate the devotion to Rosary and
    one hour adoration through Madha TV (Our Lady's TV, a TV
    channel of the Tamil Nadu Catholic Church,) every month on rd 3 week.

  • Soon a cultural committee will be formed to go around
    the parishes & institutions to propagate faith and devotion to
    Mary through cultural program

  • Bible, religious books, Rosaries and religious articles
    will be made easily available to the people in the Shrine.

Holy Rosary Shrine

The Holy Sanctuary

Quick Message

Mass Timings

  • Sundays : 8.00 am and 5.30 pm
  • Weekdays: 6.15 am and 6.15 pm
  • Saturdays: 6.15 am, 11.00 am, 6.15 pm
  • First Saturdays: 8.00 am followed by
    half a day fasting prayer, 01.00 pm
    and 6.15 pm